Quicken 2013 Honeymoon is Over

Quicken 2013 has had multiple patches in the past three weeks, with more to come.

Update 11/14/2012: See Quicken 2013 Hot Topics and Known Issues for updates on what issues have been repaired. As of this date much has been fixed in the mobile app.

Quicken 2013 takes personal financial software from desktop to mobile

Quicken 2013 Personal Finance Software for Desktop, Mobile and Tablets

Earlier this month, I wrote a Quicken 2013 feature review, where I shared my excitement about the new mobile app and budget tool in this perennial favorite desktop personal finance software. The budget tool seems to be working well, but the mobile app-to-desktop sync operation sounds like it’s caused many users headaches. If you need a mobile app and you just bought Quicken 2013, do some research by clicking through the links below and reading to decide if you want to make use of the 60 day money back guarantee.

Quicken is working to fix the problems. In fact, they are already up to Revision 5 for the 2013 where compared to last year, Revision 6 was released in March.

Stay Away From the Quicken’s Mobile App for Now

I have been reading some comments from customers on Amazon.com who bought Quicken Deluxe 2013 and Quicken Premier 2013 and on Quicken’s own forums. There are a lot of people who love everything about Quicken 2013, but they hate cloud sync, which is necessary for the mobile app to work. From what I read, botched data and duplicated transactions were the result and at least one beta tester revealed that the mobile app was released before it was ready for prime time.

No Special Upgrade Price for Quicken 2012 Budget

I wrote an article for About.com last year about Quicken 2012’s botched budget tool, and mentioned how Quicken said that the problems “may be resolved on a future patch release”. That resolution never came, so I asked my contact at Quicken if there were any plans to give 2012 users a break on upgrading to Quicken 2013 so they could have a budget tool that actually worked. The answer: Quicken does “offer discounts to all of their upgraders. Customers can take advantage of a discount that one of our retailers offers or they can buy directly through us from an email we will send them or from an in-product message.”

In other words, no, Quicken 2012 users will not get any special treatment so they can upgrade to software with a usable budget tool. These customers will get the same discounts any others have access to. I understand that developing this software costs a huge chunk of change (I guess another chunk should have been spent on getting the sync right in the 2013 software), but I also think that when you sell a product that has a huge flaw, you need to make things right for your customers. I suppose Quicken would go back to their 60 day money back guarantee on this – if you didn’t like the budget tool in Quicken 2012, you should have asked for a refund.  The problem is that many users didn’t discover the budget glitch until after 60 days had passed.

Can you tell this really bugs me? And, it didn’t even affect me personally.

Not All is Well with the Loan Tool

Another “new and improved” feature in Quicken 2013 is the loan tool. Unfortunately, it looks like this feature was tested about as well as the cloud sync. Users are losing loan transaction data for existing loans after they upgrade to the new software, and Quicken has published an FAQ noting that there are issues with the loan tool that are being worked on by the product development team (as of 10/11/2012) and “solutions may be present in maintenance patches”. That sounds a lot like what was said about the broken budget tool in Quicken 2012.

Revised Opinion

If you’re can hold off on using the mobile app, and you don’t need the loan tool, and you want to buy Quicken 2013,  then you’ll probably be happy with the software. Hopefully all of these problems will be fixed in the near future, but it sounds like there are no promises for the loan tool. It makes sense that the mobile to desktop sync issues would be a priority.

If you don’t want to wait for personal finance nirvana to emerge from Quicken 2013, I suggest that you try You Need A Budget (YNAB), which has a bit of a learning curve due to a different way of thinking about budgeting, but will change your finances forever. YNAB runs on Mac and Windows, one license is good on all computers in your home and you can use Dropbox to back up and share the data file.

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  1. YNAB is THE best…been using for 3 plus years now! Cloud sync using Dropbox is awesome! I gave up on Quicken years ago and amazed they are still turning put a product with so many issues!

  2. Oh and how does Quicken not have a native app for Mac!

  3. Shelley Elmblad says:

    Quicken released a native Mac app in 2010 called Quicken Essentials for Mac, however, it does not have all the features of Quicken for Windows and some features found in Quicken 2007 were not found in Essentials. The latest version of the Mac software is probably fine for very basic money management, but there were so many unhappy Quicken Essentials for Mac customers that the company reopened support for Quicken 2007.

  4. Fred Fisher says:

    Quicken 2013 is the worst release that Intuit has ever done. The mobile features are horrid, the budget and forecasting portions of the program are awful. Just as an example one graph on January 31 showed my January spending as X and on another graph it was X+$138,000! The Projected Balance tool only works with Scheduled transactions so unless you are going to “schedule” every income and expense for the year in advance that tool is useless and there are so many more examples just like this.

  5. Fran Grimes says:

    I synced several times recently and lost about 20 transactions – some of which were more than a year old. Luckily I had backed up recently so it didn’t take me hours to reenter them and I though I would be able to reconcile my bank account. However, I did that today and still had to make an adjustment – I’m an acccountant by training and this type of thing drives me nuts. Anyway, after much searching, I found that there is a patch that supposedly corrects this problem. I downloaded it and synced again. It seems to be working at least for now. I don’t know why Quicken users can’t be automatically notified when there is a patch or fix for something. I had to search with Google to find it.

    Next problem – I synced today and there were many error messages saying that I had items on my desktop that weren’t on the cloud or vice versa. It doesn’t say which accounts are involved and I never did find them on my desktop. It also says to go to the Cloud to fix these errors. I have no idea how to do that. I’m going to stop using the mobile app for a while and hope these problems are fixed.

  6. Nelson says:

    I updated quicken to 2013 in Oct. I have been using Quicken for many years without a lot of issues but since installing this latest version i having been having nightmares. The latest is when quicken does it’s auto backup it is showing that i am backing up some 271,000 KB of QDF data where it is normally some 54,000 KB’s. Thus i am not able to back up my data to a memory stick. I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and at first it was fine then all of a sudden it was back doing the same thing. Help

  7. Marie says:

    My advice April 2013 is do not buy Quicken 2013. So far, I have corruption of data files,old accounts suddenly became active, and lost loan information. I should add customer support is very poor, and they don’t seem to know how the program works. Probably, because this program has many bugs that are not fixed.

  8. Mike Costello says:

    Thanks for this information. I was considering the upgrade to 2013, but I think I’ll wait till the bugs are gone – or more accurately, till there are different bugs.

  9. Norman says:

    I agree. The Desktop – Mobile App cloud sync has many problems with duplicate transaction entries causing uncategorized entries. When adding new entries, you need to use several different screens to accomplish the task. i.e. The Amount, Payee on one screen; on another screen, you select the account which the transaction will originate from; remember to use the back button on android devices to get back to the first screen with the payee’s name; now click on NEXT for the next screen where you can enter the category; tag; and memo; finally click on SAVE. Very complicated.

    If you made a mistake and saved a transaction on the Android Quicken Mobile App, you cannot delete that entry. You must use the desktop version, sync to cloud to get that mistaken transaction onto your desktop program, then delete the transaction; re-sync to cloud; then on the mobile app, re-sync to cloud again to see the transaction is removed.

    You cannot enter a transaction which you transfer $$$ from one account to another account on the mobile app. For instance; cash withdrawal from a checking account to my wallet cash account.

    I wish the mobile app has the ability to lookup an older transaction entry; copy/duplicate it; and enter it as a new transaction with today’s date. Most of time, I have repeated transactions like withdrawing money from an ATM or ordering the same items at Starbucks.

    I wish they can bring back POCKET QUICKEN from the old days of the Palm Pilot. That mobile app works a million times better. If new transactions are entered in the mobile app; and when synced to desktop Quicken, you must manually accept the entries in Desktop Quicken before it officially add them into the software. The desktop Quicken is the master copy; which means if there are duplicate copies of the same entry on Pocket Quicken and Desktop Quicken, the syncing process will prefer the Desktop entry. You can also manually match the mobile app entry to the desktop duplicate entry.

    By the way, all the problems mentioned above with the Android Version of Quicken Mobile App does not exist on the POCKET QUICKEN version. Pocket Quicken also allows syncing via Bluetooth or physical USB cable. Keeping your financial information OFF from the INTERNET CLOUD.

    • Shelley Elmblad says:

      Yes, Pocket Quicken was a fantastic mobile app. I used it on my Palm mobile devices. Comprehensive apps like Pocket Quicken were pricey compared to what we’re paying for apps today, but Pocket Quicken was worth every penny, and I gave it high marks in my Pocket Quicken review on About.com. This app was not developed by Intuit, but by LandWare, and it looks like it’s not coming back. Landware’s statement about Pocket Quicken.


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